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New products require new Ideas

New products require new Ideas

New products require new Ideas

The current evolution of building design is leading to large changes in what work roofing companies are expected to identify, quote and Install. The days of thinking roofing was all above the gutter line is gone!

Designers and builders are experimenting with amazing new wall cladding products and finding ways to change the building landscape.

This has a big drawback that we are encountering more and more often, Builders are finding places where one style of cladding is not meeting correctly with another style leaving a gap that needs to be filled and they are coming to us as experts with Colorbond® and flashing and wanting us to fix/ fill gaps to keep the building watertight and with the obvious advantage flawless finish and lack of maintenance provided by Colorbond® steel. Some of these flashings are even being installed at ground level to direct water from cladding over the slab or footings.

This is becoming standard practice for Johnson Roofing but we are finding that our customers are asking for clarification on why we have quoted for a flashing where they don’t believe one is needed, only to find in the latter stages of construction that a flashing is needed to finish the cladding.

We are also finding some customers who need us to complete a section that we could not have foreseen would need flashing and wonder why it was not included in the original quote as they asked for all metal work to be included.

This is a wonderful point but we are doing everything to estimate everything for a three dimensional building from a two dimensional plan, we do this with a much higher level of accuracy than most due to our extensive drafting and estimating staff who draw on over thirty years of experience in the industry to minimise possible mistakes.

The rate that design is changing and the introduction of new products is making it harder and harder to pick all of the little sections that could require some of this kind of finish.

I hope that by opening this up to our customers we can work together to identify where this might happen and design the best result for everyone.


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